FUJITSU Laboratories of Europe

Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe (FLE) is based in the UK and  conduct research and development underpinned by the core values of corporate social responsibility, protection of the global environment and a sustainable, reliable, social infrastructure.  FLE has actively participated in a number of research projects under the Framework Programmes initiated by the European Commission including IST FP6 e-Sense, researching sensor technologies, and FP7 EFIPSANS investigating autonomic networking for IPv6 networks. Additionally, in FLE's Sustainability and Green IT research, technology is being applied to energy efficiency in the wider community.  FLE has extensive experience in exploiting our R&D technologies in global standardisation bodies including 3GPP and ETSI.

Main contact

Mick Wilson
Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe
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Hayes, Middlesex, UB4 8FE, UK
Tel: +44 20 8606 4801
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Role & Activities in the project

Within the LEXNET FLE is focusing on three main activities based on our core competencies on radio communications technology and radio access networks. FLE is leading a task looking at innovative radio transmission techniques for the reduction of EMF at the radio interface.   In addition FLE is leading the work package to develop smart low EMF network architectures and services for managing EMF exposure. FLE will also contribute to the development of simulators to validate the developed technique and demonstrators focusing on EMF exposure in an indoor environment.

Key people involved

Dr Milos Tesanovic is a Senior Researcher within FLE’s Future Networks Research Division, focusing on next-generation cellular systems and Future Internet. His key research interests include wireless system optimisations for machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and solutions for spectrum starvation and EMF reduction in future wireless system deployments. Prior to joining FLE in early 2011, he spent three years as a 3GPP standards delegate working on LTE and LTE-Advanced standardisation, actively contributing to PHY and MAC standardisation.
Milos obtained his PhD in 2008 from the University of Bristol, UK, for his work on robust wireless transmission of video over MIMO systems. He has published 12 refereed journal and international conference papers and filed over 15 patent applications.

Mick Wilson. Attained a BSC (Honours) in Computer Science. Previously was employed for 10 years with Roke Manor Research working on Distributed Systems and Intelligent Networks before moving to Fujitsu R &D Centre in 1998 where I worked on 3G standardisation for Radio Access Networks (3GPP and Wimax). I have been involved in a diverse range of networking technologies and collaborative projects covering sensor networks, ad-hoc networks, autonomic networks. In addition I am a board member of the UK ICT Knowledge Transfer Network, a government sponsored company to facilitate ICT networking with the UK industry, academia and government.