iMinds is unique in Flanders in its combination of technological, social-scientific and legal knowledge. iMinds unites 19 research groups from different Flemish (Belgian) universities.

The Wireless & Cable (WiCa) research group of iMinds is headed by Prof. Luc Martens and has a large expertise in modelling and measurement of radio frequency electromagnetic exposure and dosimetry.

Main Contact

Luc Martens
Phone: '+32 9 3314915

In the field of electromagnetic exposure the group has a large experience in the development of measurement setups, exposure assessment using exposimeters, and dedicated procedures to measure the electromagnetic fields for mobile communication and broadcasting systems. iMinds-WiCa was involved within several Belgian and European projects for the exposure assessment amongst others: EUREKA projects SARSYS and BASEXPO and the FP7 SEAWIND project.

The Internet Based Communication Networks and Services research group (IBCN) of iMinds is a leading telecommunications and software research group. IBCN was established in 1992 and currently counts around about 130 people comprising about 10 professors, 20 post-docs, 90 researchers and 10 support people. IBCN is frequently partnering with local ICT industry on a wide range of research and development topics. Since 2001 the research is also applied to mobile and wireless networking with Prof. Ingrid Moerman as responsible for the research activities in this area.

Role & Activities in the project

IMINDS is involved on many activities of LEXNET: Socio-economic analysis, EMF exposure metrics and reduction target, Efficient EMF measurement and assessment of the exposure index, Smart low EMF architectures.

IMINDS has already done a lot of research on dosimetry and on exposure metrics in national and European projects (most recent: SARSYS, SARSYS BWP, BASEXPO, SEAWIND).

Key People involved

Sam Aerts

Eli De Poorter

Wout Joseph

Ingrid Moerman

David Plets

Isabelle Van Der Elstraeten

Günter Vermeeren