INOV is a private non-profit organisation, associated to IST (University of Lisbon) and INESC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering. INOV has a strong technical expertise in technological/products/services development, and systems integration in electronics, telecommunications and information technologies. INOV, and the specific group participating in this project led by Prof. Luis M. Correia, have an excellent track record of participating in R&D projects within the EC frameworks since RACE.


Main contact

Role & Activities in the project

INOV is involved on socio-economic analysis, EMF exposure metrics and reduction targets (WP2), EMF measurement & assessment (WP3), and smart low EMF network architectures (WP5). It is also the leader of the project dissemination (WP7).

Key people involved

Luis M. Correia is a Professor in Telecommunications at IST (University of Lisbon), with his work focused in Wireless/Mobile Communications in the areas of propagation, channel characterisation, radio networks, traffic, and applications, with the research activities developed in the INOV-INESC institute.  He has been active in various projects within the European frameworks of RACE, ACTS, IST, ICT and COST (where he also served as evaluator and auditor), having coordinated two COST projects, and taken leadership responsibilities at various levels in many others

Filipe Cardoso has a Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from IST (University of Lisbon). He is a tenured professor in the Telecommunications area in ESTSetúbal/Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, and he is also affiliated with INOV-INESC. He is President of the Dept. of Electrical Engineering in ESTSetúbal/IPS, as well as of the M.Sc. and the undergraduate programmes on Electrical and Computer Engineering. He was involved in European projects and networks of excellence, namely, NEWCOM, COST 273, IST/FLOWS, ICT/4WARD and ICT/EARTH. His current research interests include wireless/mobile channel characterisation and modelling and future mobile broadband systems.

Michal Mackowiak was born in Koszalin, Poland in 1983. He has a MSc (with honors) in Electronics and Information Technology, from Warsaw University of Technology. He has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from IST (University of Lisbon). He is now working in the field of wireless communications, and his main scope of research is Body Area Network radio channel modelling. He is actively participating in the European Research Actions: LEXNET, COST IC1004, and NEWCOM#, focusing more specifically on channel modelling in BANs

Carla Oliveira has a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from IST (University of Lisbon). She is a researcher at INOV-INESC, in the GROW team, and has been active in various projects at national level, as well as within the European frameworks (MONIT, COST BM0704, COST 281, COST 2100, COST IC1004). Her work is focused in Wireless/Mobile Communications, in the areas of antennas and propagation, exposure to electromagnetic fields in mobile communications, and channel modeling for Body Area Networks.

Daniel Sebastião is graduated and MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, in 2004 and 2008, respectively, both at IST (University of Lisbon). Since 2004 working as researcher in the GROW group together with Prof. Luís M. Correia, cooperating in several national and European projects. His research interests include Mobile Cellular Communications and Wireless LANs, and Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields in the Mobile Communications Area.

Recent patent & publications

Sebastiao, D., Antunes, M., Oliveira, C. and Correia, L.M., "Usage of Mobile Phones and Concerns on Electromagnetic Radiation of Portuguese Youngsters", in 7th ICNIRP International NIR Workshop and URSI Symposium, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, May 2012.

Oliveira, C., Sebastiao, D., Ladeira, D., Antunes, M. and Correia, L.M., "Electromagnetic Fields Measurements in Portuguese Schools", in ICNIRP International Conference on Non-Ionizing Radiation and Children's Health, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 2011.

Sebastiao, D., Ladeira, D., Antunes, M., Oliveira, C. and Correia, L.M., "Estimation of Base Stations Exclusion Zones", in Proc. of VTC’2010 Fall - 72nd IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Sep. 2010.