SIRADEL is a high-tech company based in France, China (Hong-Kong) and Canada (Toronto). Siradel provides Products and Services for the ICT Industry, based on a strong Wireless expertisein particular. The portfolio of the company is composed of Data (digital geographical 3D representation of environments, accurate and reliable RF measurements), Software tools to simulate the EM wave propagation and Consulting to optimise the wireless networks deployment and equipment design.

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Role & Activities in the project

SIRADEL will contribute to the electromagnetic wave and wireless system simulations, and will lead the demonstration and evaluation of the Project objectives in WP6. SIRADEL brings its experience and expertise in radio wave propagation modeling, RF measurements, HetNet deployment and optimization applied to the simulation and reduction of EMF exposure

Key people involved

Dr. Yves LOSTANLEN, MSc and Dipl-Ing, Ph.D., Habilitation (HDR), currently works as Vice President & CTO of the Wireless activities at SIRADEL, mainly in the Information and Communication Technology Industry. Yves Lostanlen, an IEEE senior member, is also Professor of Wireless Communications in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Adjunct in the Communications Group) at the University of Toronto, Canada. He is the Director of the Wireless Expertise and the Research Centre of SIRADEL in Toronto, Canada as well as its parent operational Wireless Business Unit based in France. He is responsible for the industry-leading software (Volcano and VolcanoLab) edition (marketing and engineering), the technology expertise and management consulting, and the scientific research for new wireless-based network, system & equipment design and optimization. He has been managing more than 40 funded collaborative research projects for SIRADEL.

Yoann CORRE received his Engineering degree from INSA Rennes and his MSc from University College London in Microwave and Optoelectronics. At SIRADEL since 2000, Yoann currently manages the Research & Technology Team in the Wireless Business Unit at SIRADEL, Rennes, France, where he is working on radio-wave propagation applied to various domains as mobile systems and Digital TV.  Mr. Corre was involved in many regional and national level collaborative R&D projects. He was SIRADEL’s main contributor in the European IST-PLUTO, ICT-FREEDOM projects and the technical manager of ICT-LEXNET project for SIRADEL

Mathieu BRAU received his Engineering degree in Communication System and Networks from INSA Rennes, France, in 2009. During his academic curriculum he spent six months in the Hamburg University of Technology. Since 2009, he is working as an R&D Wireless Network engineer in the Radio Department at SIRADEL, Rennes, France. Mathieu has participated in several R&D projects at regional, National and European Level. His research interests include radio channel modeling, Heterogeneous networks, and system-levels simulations.

Recent Patents & Publications

  • M. Brau, Y. Corre and Y. Lostanlen, “Assessment of 3D network coverage performance from dense small-cell LTE deployments”, IEEE ICC 2012 Workshop on Small Cell Wireless Networks (SmallNets), Ottawa, Canada, June 2012.

  • F. Letourneux, Y. Corre, E. Suteau and Y. Lostanlen, “3D coverage analysis of LTE urban heterogeneous networks with dense femtocell deployments”, EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking, Special issue on Femtocells in 4G systems, Sept. 2012.

  • M. Brau, Y. Corre, F. Letourneux, G. Vivier and Y. Lostanlen, “Combining PHY experimental results and advanced network planning tool for accurate coverage estimate”, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference 2013 (WNCN 2013), Shanghai, China, April 2013, accepted.

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