Telekom Srbija a.d

Telekom Srbija a.d. with its principal place of business in Belgrade, Serbia, is a mobile and fixed network operator with 10,500 employees. Main activities of the company include fixed and mobile telephony and all types of internet and multimedia services within Republic of Serbia and the region (Telekom Srpske a.d in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and m:tel d.o.o in Montenegro).

Role & Activities in the project

TKS, as a mobile and fixed network operator in 3 countries and a socially responsible company, is very much concerned about human exposure to EM fields, and has wide experience in field measurements. It is involved in most tasks of the project - Socio-economic analysis, EMF exposure metrics and reduction targets, Efficient EMF measurement and network interfaces, Smart low EMF radios, Smart low EMF network architectures

Main contact

Milan Simić, M.Sc.E.E.

Executive Director for IT Support and Integrated ICT Services
Bul. umetnosti 16a, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone:  +381 11 3200 535
Fax:  +381 11 3116570

Key people involved

Aleksandar Nešković, Ph.D.E.E, associate professor at School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He is elected vice-dean of the school, the Head of accredited Radiocom. Laboratory and the chartered engineer with the state licence. His research is focused on the radio-system design, investigation and modeling of mobile radio channel, EMF radiation, positioning.

Mladen Koprivica, M.Sc.E.E, Technical and Research assistant at School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He is the Deputy Head of accredited Radiocom.Laboratory, the Head of Cisco Academy and the member of IEEE Serbia & Montenegro Section Executive Committee. His research is focused on EMF radiation, radio-systems, WLANs, LANs and routing protocols.

Milica Popović, M.Sc.E.E, Network Planning Engineer. She has ten years experience as a licensed access network designer and RAN planning engineer. Participated in and led trials and deployments of new technologies, fixed and mobile: FWA, MSAN, DSL cables, WiMAX, CDMA450, CLL, LTE. Participates in FP7 LOLA project.


Jelena Milinković, M.Sc.E.E, Radio Access Network Engineer
Since 2000, she has been working on different wireless communication systems. Her area of expertise is Radio Network Design, Planning and Performance Improvement


Stevan Nikšić, M.Sc.E.E, Radio Access Network Expert
Since 1998 he has been working in Europe and Asia on different 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.5G mobile communication systems: GSM, EDGE, PDC, P-PDC, UMTS and HSPA+. Area of expertise is Radio Network Design, Planning and Performance Improvement.


Recent patents & publications

[1] Neskovic N, Koprivica M, Neskovic A, Paunovic G. Improving the efficiency of measurement procedures for assessing human exposure in the vicinity of mobile phone (GSM/DCS/UMTS) base stations. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2012; 149(3):238-244.

[2] Koprivica M, Neskovic N, Neskovic A, Paunovic G. Statistical analysis of electromagnetic radiation measurements in the vicinity of GSM/UMTS base station antenna masts. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2014; 158(3):263-275.

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[6] Freudenstein F, Wiedemann P.M, Pejanovic-Djurisic M, Koprivica M, Neskovic A. Intuitive exposure and risk perception of RF EMF: Case studies Serbia and Montenegro. TELFOR 2014; Belgrade, pp:1-4.

[7] Koprivica M, Neskovic A, Neskovic N. Conversion from mono-axial to isotropic measurements for assessing human exposure to electromagnetic fields of GSM/DCS/UMTS base stations. Annals of telecommunications 2015; doi: 10.1007/s12243-015-0463-x.

[8] ] Koprivica M, Slavkovic V, Neskovic N, Neskovic A. Statistical Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation Measurements in the Vicinity of GSM/UMTS Base Stations Installed on Buildings in Serbia. Radiation Protection Dosimetry 2015; doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncv372.

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