TTI Norte

TTI is a SME that was founded in 1996 that comprises an expanding team of 100 highly qualified engineers well supported by key lab and fabrication assets. TTI works in the technological forefronts of space, military, telecommunications, science, and information technology sectors. TTI has among its customers important international technology corporations and carries out R&D activities with the most prestigious European organizationsjchupin / jchupin pour compte typo3

Role & Activities in the project

TTI contributes to WP3, WP4, WP6 and WP7 into LEXNET project. In WP3, TTI is mainly working in the wideband dosimeter design and implementation in collaboration with other partners. WP4 activities are focused on novel hardware solutions to reduce exposure index. In WP6, TTI will work in partnership to validate the real-world prototypes. And finally in WP7, TTI will work together in scientific conferences and journals showing LEXNET results.

Main contact

Yolanda Fernandez
C/Albert Einstein 14,
39011 Santander, Spain
+34 942 29 12 12

Key people involved

Yolanda Fernandez is a RF engineer who has worked in several R&D and commercial projects, devoted to develop high efficiency RF/Microwave circuits and front-ends. She led TTI contribution in FP7 EARTH project addressing researching energy efficiency techniques.

Laura Gonzalez is the Head of the Communications Systems Department in TTI. She has been the project manager of several R&D and commercial projects in the radiofrequency domain. She has led TTI participation in several FP7 projects such as MIMAX, SMARTSANTANDER, etc.

Miguel Peña is the Head of Commercial Department in TTI. He has wide experience dealing with R&D projects and proposals in framework programs FP7-ICT, FP7-SEC, FP6 and FP5