Universitatea politehnica Din Bucuresti

The University Politehnica of Bucharest (UPB) is the largest technical university in Romania. About 26,000 students are enrolled in different forms of education and research activities and more than 1,500 students are studying Computer Science and Engineering. The Romanian National Center for Information Technology (NCIT) is part of the UPB and is run by the Computer Science and Engineering Department. The NCIT staff is composed of 18 professors and 34 teaching assistants, researchers and Ph.D. students. The center promotes advanced inter-disciplinary research and development of human resources by postgraduate educational programs. The UPB team has been involved in international projects such as the FP6 EU-NCIT, and FP7 SENSEI, P2P-Next, EUWB, TWISNet, ERRIC, HP-SEE, and CHANGE projects.

Role & Activities in the project

Within LEXNET, the UPB team works on Smart low EMF radios and Smart Low EMF Architectures. More specifically, UPB will investigate and develop algorithms to schedule packet transmissions as well as delay packet transmissions for a certain class of packets that can tolerate higher latency in order to reduce peak EMF exposure. UPB will identify possible coding techniques or protocol improvements including cross-layer interactions. Also routing algorithms taking into account EMF emissions for packet transmission are investigated and developed so as to minimize the EMF index established in the project. Finally, the UPB team will explore access point selection, taking into account the ubiquitous heterogeneity of radio access technologies.

Main contact

 Professor Emil Slusanschi, Dr. Ing
University Politehnica of Bucharest
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Splaiul Independentei 313,
Sector 6,
060042 Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40 726 104006
Fax: +40 21 402 9333

Key people involved

Emil Slusanschi is an associate professor at the UPB. He received his MSc in Computer Science from the UPB in 2001 and his PhD from the Institute for Scientific Computing at the RWTH-Aachen University in Germany in 2008. His fields of interest include wireless sensor networks, parallel and distributed system architectures and algorithms, automatic differentiation, and computer networks. He coordinated the UPB team in the EUWB FP7 IP project and is currently managing the UPB team in the TWISNet FP7 STREP project

Nicolae Tapus is a full professor at UPB, his main fields of expertise being Computer Architecture, Embedded systems, Distributed Systems, Local Area Networks. He has significant experience in the development, management and co-ordination of national and international research projects (e.g. SENSEI, P2P-Next).

Dan Stefan Tudose is a teaching assistant at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of University Politehnica of Bucharest, where he also received his PhD, MSc, and Bachelor in Computer Science. His fields of interest include microprocessor design, embedded systems and distributed systems.

Voichita Iancu is a lecturer and a PhD. in the improvement of availability and scalability in distributed systems using peer-to-peer techniques. She also holds an M.Sc in Large Scale Distributed Systems from the ENS Cachan/IRISA (France). Her field of interest includes decentralized distributed systems algorithms and architectures, parallel algorithms on various multi-core architectures, and networking architectures and protocols.

Andrei Voinescu is a PhD student at the Computer Science and Engineering Department of POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest. His fields of interest include Wireless Sensor Networks, Embedded Systems and Distributed Systems. He is part of the UPB team involved in the FP7 and TWISNet project.