List of scientific publications
TitleMain AuthorTitle of the periodical & seriesYear
1Providing Differentiated QoS with Dynamic Pricing Policies for Wireless Access NetworksJohnny Choque, Luis Francisco Diez, Ramon Agüero, Luis Muñoz (University of Cantabria)The Wireless Days 2013 Conference2013
2Binary Linear Programming Formulation of the Access Selection Problem in Multi-Service and Heterogeneous Network EnvironmentsRamón Agüero, Johnny Choque, Luis Francisco Diez, Luis Muñoz (University of Cantabria)The Wireless Days 2013 Conference2013
3Energy-efficient Coordinated Resource Allocation for the Downlink of Cellular SystemsF. Héliot, M. A. Imran, R. Tafazolli (UniS)ICT Future Network & Mobile Summit 20132013
4Near-optimal Energy-efficient Joint Resource Allocation for Multi-hop MIMO-AF SystemsF. Héliot, M. A. Imran, R. Tafazolli (UniS)IEEE PIMRC 20132013
5Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation for Orthogonal Multi-antenna Multi-carrier ChannelF. Héliot, M. A. Imran, R. Tafazolli (UniS)IEEE OnlineGreenComm 20132013
6Jensen Related Inequalities for convexifiable functionsGeorge Popescu (UPB)Dezvoltare durabila in conditii de instabilitate economica 20132013
7Energy-Efficient Power Allocation for the Downlink of a Multi-cell Multi-user MIMO System with Block DiagonalizationY. A. Sambo, F. Héliot, and M. A. Imran (UniS)IEEE WCNC 20142014
8Experimental investigation of precoding for EM exposure reductionP. Chambers, T. W. C. Brown (UniS)EUCAP 20142014
9Exposure index of EU project LEXNET: principles and simulation-based computationE. Conil (Orange), Y. Corre (SIRADEL), G. Vermeeren (iMinds), L. M. Correia (INOV)EUCAP 20142014
10Using Virtual MIMO in Off-Body Channels for Power Efficient CommunicationsM. Mackowiak, L. M. Correia (INOV)EUCAP 20142014
11Downlink Electric-Field and Uplink SAR Prediction Algorithm in Indoor Wireless Network PlannerD. Plets, W. Joseph, K. Vanhecke, L. Martens (iMinds)EUCAP 20142014
12Joint Analysis of Small-cell Network Performance and Urban Electromagnetic Field ExposureJ. Stephan, M. Brau, Y. Corre, Y. Lostanlen (SIRADEL)EUCAP 20142014
13Measurement of a Body-Worn Triaxial Sensor for Electromagnetic Field and Exposure AssessmentC. Roblin and A. Sibille (TPT)EUCAP 20142014
14Monopole Antenna with Metamaterials StructuresY. Pinto, A. Lepage, X. Begaud (TPT)EUCAP 20142014
15Sensitivity analysis of downlink received and uplink emitted powers in a geographical area to ICT usage parametersY. Huang, E. Conil, J. Wiart, N. Varsier (Orange), C. Person (Telecom Bretagne)BEMS 20142014
16Characterization of far-field and near-field exposure of the population for RF-EMF in realistic configurations of ICT usagesA. Hadjem, N. Varsier, E. Conil, A. Krayni, J. Wiart (Orange), G. Vermeeren, W. Joseph, L. Martens (iMinds) M. Mackowiak (INOV), C. Roblin, A. Sibille (TPT)BEMS 20142014
17Intuitive exposure and risk perception of RF EMFFrederik Freudenstein, Peter M. Wiedemann (KIT)BEMS 20142014
18Wireless networks and EMF - paving the way for low-EMF networks of the future: the LEXNET projectMilos Tesanovic (FLE), Emmanuelle Conil (Orange), Antonio De Domenico (CEA), Ramon Aguero (UC)IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine (Volume 9 issue 2)2014
19Wearable wideband exposimeter design for electromagnetic field exposure measurementsMuhammad Shoaib Anwar, Yann Toutain (SATIMO), Serge Bories, David Dassonville (CEA), Yolanda Fernandez, Adrián Sanchez (TTI)EUMC 2014 (European Microwave week)2014
20Statistical Simulations of a Body-Worn Triaxial Sensor for Electromagnetic Field and Exposure AssessmentChristophe Roblin (TPT)Journées scientifique URSI France 2014 - Homme connecté2014
21Statistical Analysis and Error Correction Schemes of an UWB Body-Worn Sensor Used for Electromagnetic Field and Exposure AssessmentChristophe Roblin (TPT)IEEE ICUWB 2014 (International Conference on Ultra Wideband)2014
22On the Effect of Realistic Traffic Demand Rise on LTE-A HetNet PerformanceJulien Stephan, Mathieu Brau, Yoann Corre, Yves Lostanlen (SIRADEL)IEEE VTC Fall 2014 (Vehicular Technology Conference)2014
23A User Scheduling Scheme for Reducing Electromagnetic (EM) Emission in the Uplink of Mobile Communication SystemsYusuf A. Sambo, Fabien Héliot, and Muhammad Ali Imran (UniS)IEEE OnlineGreenComm 2014,2014
24Self-Optimizing Mechanisms for EMF Reduction in Heterogeneous NetworksHabib B.A. Sidi, Zwi Altman and Abdoulaye Tall (Orange)WiOpt 20142014
25Towards EMF exposure assessment over real cellular networks: an experimental study based on complementary toolsThierry Sarrebourse, Abdelhamid Hadjem , Joe Wiart (Orange) Laura Rodriguez de Lope, Luis F. Diez, Ramon Agüero (UC), Shoaib M. Anwar, Yann Toutain (Satimo)IEEE ISWCS 20142014
26A reward-based routing protocol to reduce the EMF exposure over wireless mesh networksVoichita Iancu,Emil Slusanschi (UPB), Luis F. Diez, Laura Rodriguez de Lope and Ramon Agüero (UC)The Wireless Days 2014 Conference2014
27A Survey and Tutorial of Electromagnetic Radiation and Reduction in Mobile Communication SystemsYusuf A. Sambo, Fabien Héliot and Muhammad Ali Imran (UniS)IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials2014
28Reducing the electromagnetic exposure over LTE networks by means of an adaptive retransmission scheme: a use case based on a video serviceLuis Diez, Ramón Agüero UC), Jöel Penhoat (Orange)VTC Spring 20152015
29Design and integration of a low-complexity dosimeter into the Smart City for EMF assessmentLuis Diez, Shoaib M. Anwar, Laura Rodríguez de Lope, Matthieu Le Hennaff, Yann Toutain, Ramón AgüeroEuCNC 20142014
30Strategies for reducing the global EMF exposure: cellular operators perspectiveMilica Popović (TKS), Milos Tesanovic (FLE), Benoit Radier (Orange)IEEE ISWCS 20142014
31Enabling Low Electromagnetic Exposure Multimedia Sessions on an LTE Network with an IP Multimedia Subsystem Control PlaneJoël Penhoat (Orange), Ramon Agüero (UC), Fabien Héliot (UniS), and Milos Tesanovic (FLE)6th International Conference on Mobile Networks and Management (MONAMI 2014)2014
32Whole-body and Localized SAR and Dose Prediction Tool for Indoor Wireless Network DeploymentsD. Plets , W. Joseph , K. Vanhecke , G. Vermeeren, S. Aerts , M. Deruyck , L. Martens (iMinds)IEEE ISWCS 20142014
33Joint Minimization of Uplink and Downlink Whole-Body Dose in Indoor Wireless NetworksD. Plets , W. Joseph , K. Vanhecke , G. Vermeeren, S. Aerts, L. Martens (iMinds), J. Wiart, N. Varsier (Orange)BioMed Research International, special issue on "Public Health Assessment of Impact of Heterogeneous Wireless Systems in Nonionizing Radiation Exposure"2014
34Intuitive Exposure and Risk Perception of RF EMF: Case Studies Serbia and MontenegroFrederik Freudenstein, Peter M. Wiedemann (KIT) Milica Pejanović-Djurišić (UoM), Mladen Koprivica and
Aleksandar Nešković (ETF-UoB,TKS)
TELFOR 2014 (22nd Telecommunications Forum)2014
35Methodology for the comparison of cellular technologies and services with respect to EMF exposureMilica Popović, Mladen Koprivica, Stevan Nikšić, Jelena Milinković, and Aleksandar Nešković (ETF-UoB,TKS)TELFOR 2014 (22nd Telecommunications Forum)2014
36Long-term variability of electromagnetic field strength for GSM 900MHz downlink band in Belgrade urban areaMladen Koprivica, Majda Petric, Milica Popovic, Jelena Milinkovic, Stevan Nikšic and Aleksandar Neškovic (ETF-UoB,TKS)TELFOR 2014 (22nd Telecommunications Forum)2014
37Analysis of Total Installation Cost Versus Downlink Whole-Body SAR in Indoor Wireless NetworksD. Plets, W. Joseph, S. Aerts, K. Vanhecke, G. Vermeeren, L. Martens (iMinds)EUCAP 2015 (European Conference of Antennas and Propagation)2015
38Prediction and Comparison of Downlink Electric-Field and Uplink Localized SAR values for Realistic Indoor Wireless PlanningD. Plets, W. Joseph, S. Aerts, K. Vanhecke, G. Vermeeren, L. Martens (iMinds)

Radiation Protection Dosimetry - Oxford journals

39Impact of a Small Cell on the RF-EMF Exposure in a TrainSam Aerts, David Plets, Arno Thielens, Luc Martens and Wout Joseph (iMinds)International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health2015
40Containing exposure in 5G networks, a perspective from LExNetT. Brown (UniS)IET 5G Radio Technology Seminar: Exploring technical challenges in the emerging 5G ecosystem2015
41Conversion from mono-axial to isotropic measurements for assessing human exposure to electromagnetic fields of GSM/DCS/UMTS base stationsM. Koprivica, A. Nešković, N. Nešković (ETF-UoB, TKS)Annals of Telecommunications - Annales des Télécommunications2015
42Exposure knowledge and risk perception of RF EMFF. Freudenstein, P.M. Wiedemann  (KIT) and N. Varsier (Orange)Frontiers Public Health2015
46Exposure perception as key for risk perception and acceptance of  RF EMF sourcesF. Freudenstein, P.M. Wiedemann (KIT) and T.W.C Brown (UniS)Journal of Environmental and Public Health2015
47Statistical Analysis of Electromagnetic Radiation Measurements in the Vicinity of GSM/UMTS Base Stations Installed on Buildings in SerbiaKoprivica M, Slavkovic V, Neskovic N, Neskovic A (ETF-UoB,TKS)Radiation Protection Dosimetry - Oxford journals 2015

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